The holiday of Shavuot is upon us. This coming Saturday night, Jews across the world will be celebrating the end of the 49 days in between the Passover Exodus and the giving of the Torah.

While Shavuot is one of the least familiar Jewish holidays of the year, it is known as the time when, as mentioned above, G-d gave the Jewish people the Torah. It is customary for observant Jews to stay up all night in order to dedicate themselves to Torah study. However, staying consistent with almost all other Jewish holidays, it is also known as a time for feasting.

The beauty of Shavuot is that, from a meal standpoint, it is different than all other Jewish holidays. Whereas on all other Jewish holidays it is customary to eat a hearty meat meal, on Shavuot dairy is incorporated into the mix. Many families either have both a night and day dairy meal or a night meat meal and a dairy day meal.

Ah, the luxury of being able to choose those options. Unfortunately, as is the case throughout the entire year, the children under our care are unable to choose meat or dairy. So this year, we thought of creating a program that caters specifically to the children and families. This year, we want them to experience Shavuot the way that any normal child should. A small donation of $120 delivers a food basket for Shavuot to an entire family in Israel. Or, you can choose your own amount as well.

Your donation will be used to provide chicken, potatoes, fruits, challah, grape juice and more. It may even also enable families under our care to enjoy some dairy products as well.

On behalf of all of the children and families at Yad Ezra V’Shulamit, we thank you dearly!