Israel has yet again experienced a new wave of terrorism, this time in the form of arson. Over the past several weeks, Arab terrorists were caught deliberately setting fires to Israeli land. Is this a new form of terrorism? Absolutely.

The good news is that Israelis are generally resilient. Because they have had to deal with constant terror over the past few decades, people have learned not only to cope but to assist others as a unified nation. And, during this latest wave of terror, people from all over the country have come together like never before.

For starters, Airbnb opened many of their locations throughout Israel to people directly affected by the fires, free of charge. While this has naturally grabbed most of the media’s attention, something more powerful has happened. From the north to the south, people all over Israel are opening their homes to strangers affected by the fires.

For example, we received an email from David L. who stated, “We would be happy to provide food and shelter for anybody affected by the fires in Israel over the last few days. We have two rooms available in our house in Modi’in for at least the next 10 days. Will comfortably fit 3-4 and we will provide food, including Shabbat. There are synagogues nearby and public transportation to all parts of Israel.”

And, the above example isn’t just a ‘one off.’ We here at Yad Ezra V’Shulamit have been receiving dozens of daily calls and emails from people asking if we need assistance in helping temporarily relocate people.

Now, we need to keep in mind that just in the city of Haifa alone, 70,000 people were affected by these raging fires. That’s just one city. There have been well over 100,000 individuals who have needed to evacuate. We have been doing everything in our power to field the influx of inquiries asking for assistance, and to actually provide relief. Additionally, many people have opened their homes to complete strangers in need. But, helping 100,000 people is difficult. In addition to this, it’s currently the winter season here in Israel and rains are expected in the coming days. Homes are expected to flood. The affected people will likely need assistance for quite some time. We need to continue to unite until people can return to their lives.

Please consider donating today in order to help these Israeli families in need.