Ah, summer vacation! A time for parents to relax and kids to have fun. Both parents and children can agree that this is one of the most exciting times of the year. Parents get vacation; kids have fun!

Summer vacation is all about enjoyment. Parents understand that staying at home is not an option. However, reasons for sending your children out of the house during summer time is not only about kids getting on your nerves. In fact, this shouldn’t even be a main concern. Unfortunately, there are much deeper issues for children that are forced to stay at home during vacation time.

Staying at home certainly leads to boredom for all children. However, for the children under the care of Yad Ezra V’Shulamit, it also often times leads to depression and hunger. Many of these children are suffering from poor living conditions and thus need an outlet. That is why they look forward to the summer time here in Israel.

We recently opened up a 100% free summer camp in Israel packed with fun activities and hot food for underprivileged Israeli children. Filling their summer with fun and constructive activities gives them the break they need and deserve. Moreover, these children receive a hearty meal which provides the nourishment they so badly need. And of course, there is plenty of love and laughter that goes around!

From bouncy houses to full on carnival and water park rides, we provide an all-inclusive camp that children of all ages absolutely love.

Directly as a result of your generous donations, we were able to provide hundreds of children with this amazing camp. You have truly changed a child’s life this summer. Thank you for providing these with children a place far from their poverty-stricken lives – it really gives them a chance to hope for better!