Here at Yad Ezra V’Shulamit, we have come across some truly unfortunate stories, some of which would be classified as being downright “horrible.” The perpetual state of poverty across Israel is becoming unbearable. And, that doesn’t even accurately depict the situation. Throw out any word you’d like: devastation, despair, destitute – it doesn’t matter. No words can describe some of the worst poverty cases here. This is true for one specific family we recently came across.

There is a family with two girls that go to the Children’s Center. A few months ago, the parents came to us, begging to allow their two daughters to be accepted to our charity program for children. The one main issue is that there is only a limited amount of space. Due to the overwhelming and unfortunate demand for such a center, our charity organization has a long waiting list. So it was, we came back with sad news that they were being put on the waiting list.

However, something didn’t seem right. The girls not only seemed out of it emotionally, but their physical condition seemed awful, beyond most other cases. After much consideration, we decided to sit down and properly evaluate this specific circumstance. It was then that we brought the family in for an in-depth interview. What happened next shocked us to our core.

During the questioning, the girls proceeded to tell the counselors about their nightly dinners at home. We were expecting to hear “slices of bread, perhaps some white cheese, a few cucumbers and other vegetables” etc. This alone is enough to make us cringe but what they said next was far worse than what we could have ever imagined. The girls said that on most nights for dinner, they had one egg divided between the entire family.

After hearing that, how could anyone not jump to assistance? This was an extreme case, and one that needed intervention immediately. So, we here at Yad Ezra V’Shulamit accepted these girls on the spot, whereby we began sending the family food for supper from the Children’s Center. Now, the girls are in excellent health, and are getting the necessary care and love from the Children’s Center.

While stories like these in particular are a bit extreme, they unfortunately aren’t “one offs.” They happen more than you’d think. Please help contribute to our organization so we can help more families like these.

Photo Credit: Flickr – Matthew Murdoch/CC BY 2.0