Remember how in school you would always be assigned to perform a certain amount of community service hours each month? Of course you do! At the end of each month, you would need to bring a signed piece of paper to school detailing how many hours you completed and what work was accomplished. While it’s important to instill these values in children, for the children themselves, they would often ask, “why do we have to do this?” Followed by, “this isn’t fun.” So, why don’t we make it fun? How can we fix this issue? Great question!

If you look at many of these community service tasks, you will quickly begin to understand why kids aren’t too thrilled to be there. They are given random tasks, with no interpersonal environment around them. Prime example: various programs that help build homes for the homeless. This is truly an unbelievable initiative. However, oftentimes when kids actually get to work, what do you see? You see them working by themselves for hours after receiving a set of directions.

With children, even teenagers, there needs to be an element of fun involved. We need to pique their interest in the program. And that’s exactly what Yad Ezra V’Shulamit’s volunteer program does!

People of all ages love this program and it’s no secret why. Naturally, since a large part of our organization focuses on basic necessities, volunteers will be helping to pack food baskets for the needy in Israel. However, included in the food basket packing experience is also a short presentation and interactive workshop on poverty in Israel. It’s not only an uplifting experience but an engaging one as well!

From families and federations to yeshiva students, individuals and others, everyone is invited! Come check it out the next time you are in Jerusalem. Just make sure to register online!