The recent wave of terror has been keeping the local Israeli population, especially in Jerusalem and the surrounding areas, close to home. Israeli citizens are afraid of walking outside and exposing their families to danger. In addition, tourism is in tremendous decline with many people canceling their trips to Israel, which has had negative effects on the Israeli economy. This has damaged small businesses and the families that they support.

These attacks, which many have called theThird Intifada,” have already exacerbated a major ongoing problem. Recent reports show that close to one third of Israeli families live below the poverty line. This includes thousands of babies who either frequently miss meals or have their portions diluted during feeding. These babies have an increased likelihood of experiencing significant problems in their physical and mental development over the course of their lives. The short and long term effects of malnutrition in babies include behavioral issues, impaired growth and development and increased susceptibility to lingering diseases. These are just a handful of potential issues that a malnourished baby is likely to deal with as he/she grows older. Not only can this have severe consequences on the child but on the country in general, as one third of the Israeli population will enter adulthood under these circumstances.

Malnourished Babies in Israel – Just The Facts:

  • 1/3 of Israel children live below the poverty line
  • Thousands of infants are improperly fed or malnourished
  • Devastating development issues
  • Long term negative effects for the child, the family and for Israel

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