When we first started our weekly ‘Success’ column, we received an extraordinary amount of positive feedback from you – our donor base. You were delighted to see the many successes you contributed to, and rightly so. There is no greater please than seeing that your assistance truly helps others in need. Then, in what seemed like an instance, everything changed.

We started receiving requests to blog about the children on our Children’s Center waiting list. This was due, in part, to a post from several weeks ago where we mentioned a child awaiting acceptance into this program. Many of our donors wanted to know more about these cases and their respective backgrounds. The thinking was that they could donate directly to these specific cases to help expedite the application and approving process into the Children’s Center. With that, here is this week’s ‘Awaiting Success’ story.

Losing a parent, especially when a child is so young, will in all likelihood have long term damaging effects to the child. Such is what happened with this week’s story. Naor is a six year old orphan boy. The boy’s mother passed away during child birth three years ago. Subsequently, Naor has a little sister (named Shani). Essentially speaking, these children have been deprived off growing up with a mother. What’s almost as bad is the fact that they are suffering in their day to day lives. Though the father works and is able to provide the bare necessities for the family, they still sometimes go without a meal during the day. Since the mother passed away, there hasn’t been enough funds to purchase new toys. Therefore, Naor is playing with toys meant for ages 2-3. And if that wasn’t bad enough, think about his situation next year when he enters first grade. He will need structure, guidance, help with homework, and most of all – love and warmth.

Unfortunately, these aren’t things that are accessible to him in his current situation. His father generally comes home late from work, well after the time they are finished with their schooling. The Yad Ezra V’Shulamit Children’s Center would be the perfect fit for both Naor and Shani.

Please help make this become a reality by donating now to Naor and Shani.