It’s back to school time! Though you may not believe it, this is many parents’ favorite time of the year. The kids have been home for two months and thus parents are ready for their kids to get back into their routines. The last week of summer vacation is especially busy for parents. School supplies and lunchboxes are being purchased. New backpacks are flying off the shelves at local stores.

If you really stop to think about it though, all of this can add up to several hundreds of dollars per child. Likely to be the most expensive item in a parent’s shopping cart is a backpack. Even the most basic backpack can cost upward of $25. Now imagine that parent having four children in school. They are spending at least $100 on backpacks alone! For parents who are struggling financially, the thought of this alone can cause increased stress.

Unfortunately, there are many cases here in Israel where parents cannot afford basic school supplies for their children. In fact, this has been ongoing for quite a number of years. Thankfully, our staff recognized this problem relatively early and started a new program that focuses on giving backpacks and other essential school supplies to children in need.

While many people who view our organization believe that our primary focus is on food, the truth is we focus much more on initiatives that will help break the cycle of poverty. Food is an immediate aid relief, though it is not a long term solution. Our school supplies campaign, however, is exactly the kind of program that will enable us to fulfil our goal of breaking the cycle of poverty. Supplies enables these underprivileged children to go to school with the proper gear to succeed. This in turn will help them excel in their studies, which will benefit them in the future.

Please help us break the cycle of poverty today by donating to this campaign.