By now, long time readers of our blog understand a good deal about our charity organization. They have gone over the various projects that we are developing day to day. Our Feed a Baby program, along with our Back to School Distribution and Food Baskets programs, are some of our most popular projects among Yad Ezra V’Shulamit donors. However, the project that most donors tend to focus on is our Children’s Center. The caveat? Most people still do not fully understand just how important it is to everyone involved (including the donors).

We have written extensively about this project and how it benefits the children under our care arguably more than anyone else we cater to. Yet, we haven’t given a full view of the program to anyone outside of our organization. We have been tirelessly working on improving visibility to this program, as it is the flagship project for our organization. Therefore, we have created a short video that goes into detail about what the program is about, who is involved and how it helps our children.

Though we have explained it previously, we will sum it up again for those readers who are unfamiliar with it. The Yad Ezra V’Shulamit Children’s Center has been around for roughly fifteen years. The Center offers food and enrichment activities for kids who desperately need encouragement outside the home. The reasons why the children need these activities is many. It can range from deceased parents to physically or mentally incapacitated parents who are unable to properly care for their children. Thus, almost all of the children who come to our Center enter with some form of emotional issues. Due to their young age though, we have the ability to counteract the negative impact of these issues quite quickly.

We strongly encourage you to watch the short (less than) two minute clip to gain a better understanding of the project in its entirety.