We oftentimes receive emails from our donors about how they can assist in reducing poverty in Israel. While there are many ways to help, such as volunteering, it’s clear that donations, above all, enable us to help the needy. Thankfully, because of your generous donations, we have been able to help quite a lot of families throughout Israel.

But, even with all of this help from people around the world, many don’t know exactly how much we truly help the poor and underprivileged here in Israel. So, we created a year in numbers report that details the accomplishments at Yad Ezra V’Shulamit. Let’s take a look.

Hot Meals

One of our flagship programs is our Children’s Center, which assists children after school. Many of these children, though, do not have access to lunch in school. At the Yad Ezra V’Shulamit Children’s Center, we focus on education and other activities. However, it’s a known fact that children should be well nourished prior to learning anything. Therefore, we offer hot meals to the children under our care. In 2016, we provided a whopping 314,627 hot meals – a record!

Food Baskets

While child assistance is an integral part of our organization, families aren’t forgotten either. Many of these families cannot afford proper meals for the Sabbath. We eliminated this problem by giving out food baskets to Israeli families. How many? 178,423 baskets to be exact.


We make an effort to help children and infants with clothing throughout the year. However, the most difficult time of the year is the winter, where temperatures oftentimes reach freezing (or very close to it). This past year, we provided 42,374 pieces of winter clothes to children and babies in Israel.

Hungry Babies

Though our Children’s Center receives a lot of attention from our donors, our Materna campaign is nothing to brush aside! This program provides baby food and other baby essentials to mothers in Israel. In 2016, 15,000 babies were bottled and diapered though our Baby Center.


Last but not least, we come to employment. Our motto has always been, “breaking the cycle of poverty.” However, breaking this cycle is difficult if the main focus is put on immediate, basic assistance, such as food. Yes, this provides immediate relief, but it doesn’t address the core issue. Many individuals in Israel are suffering because they have a tough time finding employment. And employment is key, because this is what ultimately breaks the cycle of poverty once and for all. At Yad Ezra V’Shulamit, we have a Job Desk that works tirelessly to help both father’s and mother’s alike to find employment in Israel. Thankfully, we helped 57 people find jobs in 2016.

Though 2016 is over, there is still plenty of work to be done. We look forward to seeing these numbers drop drastically in 2017!