Here at Yad Ezra V’Shulamit, we aim to provide full transparency to our donors. However, as much as we strive to do this, sometimes things are viewed differently by different people. After all, people have varying perspectives on almost everything. So, we decided to go one step further.

As long time readers of our blog are well aware, the program that we focus attention on the most is our Children’s Center. This program is essentially the backbone of our organization. We strive to give the most up to date information regarding this program to our donor base. Yet sometimes, it just isn’t enough. We understand that and thus we came up with a separate approach.

Several weeks ago, we decided to interview one of the children under our care (of course with the mother’s and girl’s permission). Due to the fact that Chanukah was approaching, we decided to ask the 8 year old girl, Sara, about Chanukah and how she views life. Let’s take a look at how it went:

Shalom Sara.


What will Chanukah be like for you at home?

It is just my mother, my sister and me, so it is quiet.

Where is your father?

In the hospital.

How come?

He has a disease and he needs to be there for a long time in order to get well.

So how do you manage?

It’s hard. We used to come home to my mother but now she is gone. She works a double shift to make more money.

So what time do you and your sister get home?

About 2:00.

Tell me about your day when you get home.

We come in and eat whatever [there is].

By yourselves?


Food, such as…?

Like cereal or fruit or sometimes leftovers or a sandwich.

And then what?

We wait for my mom to come home at 4:30.

What do you do while your mother is away?

Sometimes we go outside, sometimes to a friend and sometimes we just hang around at home until my mom comes home.

Are you lonely?


Are you afraid?

Not usually, but sometimes [yes].

And what is different now?

Now we were accepted to Yad Ezra V’Shulamit’s Children Center.

And what is it like there?


What do they do?

They have a really good meal and you can eat as much as you want.

What do you do there?

We eat and then play, and then do our homework. Then they have an activity until 5.

So you go home at 5?

Yes, or my mom picks us up.

So you aren’t alone anymore?

No. And I don’t have to feel like I have to worry every second about my younger sister.

Though the interview above only involved Sara herself, we can say that we are confident this is how all of the children under our care feel. Our Children’s Center is known for not only providing food and extra-curricular activities to the kids, but also to help uplift their spirit and self-confidence. Please feel free to browse our Children’s Program section here for more information.